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Thumbnail for - NOSFERATU!
Nov 19, 2008
Am I the only one that sees an eerily awesome resemblance between Portland’s spindly swingman Travis Outlaw and black-and-white horror legend Nosferatu?! C’mon, it can’t just be me. I mean,...
Thumbnail for - Suburban Nightmare
Nov 18, 2008
(Thanks to Cat Power for the audio/visual treat.) For the past two weeks I’ve been living somewhere in Beaverton. (I know the route but still couldn’t map it out for you) The ladyfriend...
Thumbnail for - Blitzen Trapper plays Conan tonight
Nov 17, 2008
If you’ve been reading the magazine you are no doubt familiar with our love for local rock band, Blitzen Trapper. Well, the band will be performing on the Conan O’Brien show tonight; the guest is...
Thumbnail for - One bite closer to Roses
Nov 17, 2008
In an effort to be equal in our sports coverage, it’s worth pointing out that, if you haven’t heard, Oregon State is just two wins away from a Rose Bowl trip after their workmanlike 34-21 win over...
Thumbnail for - Uniformly Fowl
Nov 17, 2008
Thanks to some great thinking by Pac-10 league officials and TV brain trusts, most of us were deprived the thrill of Oregon’s 55-45 win over Arizona Saturday night—a game that featured a combined...
Thumbnail for - "We are standing on the edge…"
Nov 4, 2008
Slipped on my headphones this morning for the walk to the train, hit play on the iPod and this song, "Lucky" by Radiohead, swarmed my ears. "I feel my luck could change…we are standing on the...
Thumbnail for - Portland’s Southern food boom
Nov 3, 2008
One of my favorite restaurants in town is the Screen Door. Since I’m from the South originally—and the Door serves some of the finest comfort food in town—it’s a staple of any visit by my family....
Thumbnail for - Ballots and beer
Nov 3, 2008
It’s safe to say that in Portland’s little liberal bubble (aka Palin’s “fake America”) there is a feeling of almost electric anticipation about tomorrow’s election. Like the fuse of a...
Thumbnail for - Local links
Oct 27, 2008
Famed comic author Neil Gaiman talks about the upcoming adaptation of “Coraline,” the stop-motion animation film made right here in...
Thumbnail for - I am Shiva the Destroyer
Oct 27, 2008
The ladyfriend has a new bathroom picked out for the house that will surely make showering and shaving a truly otherworldly experience. It will also likely land us on the bread line. So, to save a...
Listing 9961 - 9970 of 9996 Results