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Thumbnail for - Tis the season for…braaaiiinnnsss
Oct 23, 2008
I love zombies. I love Portland. And as luck would have it, in a true case of gory chocolate and campy peanut butter colliding, zombies are taking over our fair city on Sunday. It’s called the...
Thumbnail for - In praise of blood-thirsty rabbits
Oct 20, 2008
Movies like "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" may have had a more immediate impact on my geek-adled brain, but no film gave me such a visceral sucker punch as the animated adaptation of Richard...
Thumbnail for - Brighten the Corners (and maybe your day)
Oct 20, 2008
So despite the sucky, soaked beginning to the day, it’s going to be okay. Mainly because in my inbox this morning was an advance copy of the upcoming remaster of Pavement’s "Brighten the Corners."...
Thumbnail for - Last Call for Classical
Oct 20, 2008
Two events for fans of classical music come to a close tonight, so it might be worth checking to see if any tickets remain. Celebrating 35 years of performances, the Oregon Repertory Singers...
Thumbnail for - Dispatches from Iraq
Oct 20, 2008
Soft (I)raq
My best friend and former co-hort at Details magazine is a guy by the name of Ian. We aren’t gay, but it’s an easy mistake to make, given the way we used to hang out constantly and, in favor of...
Thumbnail for - Lesson Learned
Oct 20, 2008
wake up call
Like many of you, I bike to work. Unlike many of you, I’m a moron. I’m admittedly new to this whole bike-as-main-form-of-transport thing, but I figured that once the rains came, I could pretty...
Thumbnail for - Mac geeks attack
Oct 16, 2008
As you might have guessed, I just learned how to post videos so now I’m going buck-wild. Anywho, just saw this trailer for a documentary called MacHEADS. I’m a sucker for these types of films that...
Thumbnail for - I (heart) PDX?
Oct 16, 2008
Hollywood, OR
Yesterday, just down the street from our perch on Broadway, some high-falutin Hollywood production was using various buildings as stand-ins for downtown Manhattan. Not sure what was going down...
Thumbnail for - Man(dolin) Down!
Oct 16, 2008
My friend and cohort John Chandler (he plays in a Guided by Voices cover band which makes him 10-times cooler than everybody else I know) alerted me to the following: "Caleb Klauder of the local...
Thumbnail for - Shake Baby, Shake Baby 1-2-3
Oct 16, 2008
The Shaky Hands are playing the Doug Fir tonight in support of their excellent new album, "Lunglight." You should go. But be prepared to be posessed by an unquenchable desire to rip your clothes...
Listing 9961 - 9970 of 9984 Results