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Thumbnail for - My Mother is So Proud
Feb 5, 2009
Those of us who write for a living don’t do it for the money. It’s rather like being a hostage, actually. We do one thing and we do it well, but that is ALL we can do. I still count on my fingers,...
Thumbnail for - Boom boxes, Mudhoney, and cops turned pimps
Feb 4, 2009
Reason # 1,234 why Portland is the best town I’ve ever lived in. On the way back from coffee this morning (I know, I know, walking to get joe in the morning is rudimentary, not some epic...
Thumbnail for - Street Hawks
Feb 3, 2009
We’ve spoken in depth about our morning route to get coffee. Usually it’s a rather uneventful excursion: Street kids acting hard, homeless men gathering up their sleeping bags and enjoying a...
Thumbnail for - Chilly Tee’s return
Feb 3, 2009
In celebration of this week’s Portland premiere of "Coraline" we thought it timely to bring you this blast from the past. Yes, that free-flowing b-boy with the steely gaze you see and hear...
Thumbnail for - Super Bowl Sunday
Jan 30, 2009
This marvel of gastronomic architecture you see before you is the most sacri-licious piece of Super Bowl snack-age ever constructed: A stadium built entirely out of junk food. It comes courtesy of...
Thumbnail for - Mt. Oden erupts
Jan 29, 2009
A few weeks back the "Oregonian" came out with their mid-season grades for the Trailblazers. In it they labeled much-maligned franchise cornerstone Greg Oden as the biggest disappointment of...
Thumbnail for - Me and Mrs. Jones
Jan 28, 2009
I know, I know, you’ll probably be propped up on a couch filling your head hole with an assortment of chips, dips, and beer (as will I), but before you work a good butt groove into that recliner...
Thumbnail for - Brandon Roy, destroyer of worlds
Jan 27, 2009
We’ll tackle the Blazers later in the week, but just in case you didn’t see Brandon Roy’s emasculating, borderline aggravated assault of a dunk on the Clipper’s Cheike Samb last night here it...
Thumbnail for - The comedic stylings of Half & Half
Jan 27, 2009
Everybody has a morning routine. Here’s mine: Wake. Shower. Don’t shave. Feed dogs. Curse the sight of my warm bed. Hop a bus or bike. Stomp into the office. Stumble down to Half & Half like a...
Thumbnail for - SAMBo DAY 5
Jan 23, 2009
Show of hands, Portlanders, please: Who among you over 40 wouldn’t be tempted by an 18 year old who found you attractive enough to get naked with? This whole thing is not about power but about...
Listing 9911 - 9920 of 9995 Results