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Thumbnail for - Green Homes
Apr 1, 2010
Beth Davies
Q: What standardization is there in qualifying green homes? A: Green is a term that has been used quite loosely. What does that term even mean? People refer to ways of becoming greener—is that...
Thumbnail for - Bend/Central Oregon
Apr 1, 2010
Karen Malanga
Q: People have been telling me Bend is known for their festivals. Can you tell me about some of them? A: Bend is known for their festivals—now that is an understatement! We live for our festivals!...
Thumbnail for - Washington County/West Metro
Apr 1, 2010
Tim Finn
Q: We are about to expand our family from four to five and are thinking of moving outside of the city. In your opinion, are we right in uprooting our children? A: Washington County is a fun,...
Thumbnail for - Vancouver/Clark County
Apr 1, 2010
Tari Burback
Q: What would be the tax benefits for Oregonians who are interested in living in Vancouver, Washington? A: There are many tax benefits, but the most current topics Measures 66 and 67. The...
Thumbnail for - Southwest Portland
Apr 1, 2010
Barbara McFarlane
Q: I like living in a residential area while also being able to have a diverse amount of quick weekend outdoor activities right at my fingertips. I haven’t really explored the Southwest; what can...
Thumbnail for - Distressed Homes & Short Sales
Apr 1, 2010
Jack Farley
Q: I have always paid my mortgage on time; I’ve never been delinquent in a payment, but it’s getting to be too much. Will my lender consider a short sale and how badly will this affect my...
Thumbnail for - Financing & Market Trends
Apr 1, 2010
Bob Ulery
Q: Are property values going up yet? Have we finally reached the bottom or is it close? A: The direct answer to your question is “it depends on where you live.” Recently-released data from the...
Thumbnail for - New Construction
Apr 1, 2010
Scott Wyckoff
Q: What are some reasons, specifically in this market, that would make you choose new construction? A: There are numerous reasons to choose new construction and right now—in this economy—the...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday April
Apr 1, 2010
phile under: art
LESS Victor Maldonado Froelick Gallery 714 NW Davis Reception April 1 5-8 PM Recently back from showing at EAST/WEST BERLIN, Maldonado has been thinking about border crossings, the immigrant...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Fond-a Wakonda
Mar 31, 2010
“Nooooo!” This was my none-too-clever cry of dismay as the half-gallon jar of beer tumbled over in the back seat of the rental car and began spraying in all directions like an enraged sprinkler. I...
Listing 9531 - 9540 of 11335 Results