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Thumbnail for - Happy Hour of the Week
Apr 2, 2010
Happy Hour
As my buddy and I meandered toward Rose & Thistle on Northeast Broadway, visions of fried fish swam dreamily through my head for the hundredth time that day. See, in order to prepare for my...
Thumbnail for - One Day Only Deal on Tickets at Portland Center Stage
Apr 1, 2010
phile under: theater
Hey, how about this little surprise to brighten your day? A one day only ticket deal at Portland Center Stage! Nice. Here are the details: Until midnight tonight, purchase $25.00 tickets (plus...
Thumbnail for - Condo
Apr 1, 2010
Mary Ann McDowell
Q: I’m attracted to the architecture, location, and efficiency of urban condos, but am worried about oversaturation of the market continuing to depress prices after I buy. If I buy now, will the...
Thumbnail for - Schools
Apr 1, 2010
Kathy Hall
Q: How will Measures 66 and 67 affect our school system? A: Portland schools have consistently been in the top echelon in the nation for school quality and school options. Big, small, charter,...
Thumbnail for - Relocation
Apr 1, 2010
Marianne Ritter
Q: I’m on the fence about moving to Portland, but there have been so many articles highlighting the city lately that I might be ready to take the plunge. What resources do you offer when it comes...
Thumbnail for - Snow Joke
Apr 1, 2010
There are lots of rumors circulating around the blogosphere today. (If you haven’t heard, the US Outdoor Store has reportedly purchased Mount Hood.) But here’s a cold hard truth: all that deep...
Thumbnail for - Southeast Portland
Apr 1, 2010
Tricia Smith
Q: What are the best cafés in SE? A: Well, there’s certainly no shortage, my friend. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has its original location, where they still roast beans, at 4525 SE Division Street....
Thumbnail for - North/Northeast Portland
Apr 1, 2010
Declan O'Connor
Q: We are new to Portland and are looking to purchase a house close in Northeast. What, in your opinion, are some of the real upsides of the neighborhood? A: Northeast Portland has some huge...
Thumbnail for - Northwest Portland
Apr 1, 2010
Darrin Amico
Q: How did the most boutique neighborhood grow out of such an industrial maze? A: I’m assuming you’re talking about the infamous Pearl District! Formerly warehouses, industrial yards and...
Thumbnail for - Lake Oswego/West Linn
Apr 1, 2010
John Ferguson
Q: What kind of recreational opportunities are there in Lake Oswego around the lake itself? A: Oswego Lake, a 405-acre lake in the heart of Lake Oswego, is the backdrop for leisure in the area....
Listing 9521 - 9530 of 11335 Results