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Listing 9441 - 9450 of 11242 Results
Thumbnail for - Vancouver/Clark County
Apr 1, 2010
Tari Burback
Q: What would be the tax benefits for Oregonians who are interested in living in Vancouver, Washington? A: There are many tax benefits, but the most current topics Measures 66 and 67. The...
Thumbnail for - Southwest Portland
Apr 1, 2010
Barbara McFarlane
Q: I like living in a residential area while also being able to have a diverse amount of quick weekend outdoor activities right at my fingertips. I haven’t really explored the Southwest; what can...
Thumbnail for - Distressed Homes & Short Sales
Apr 1, 2010
Jack Farley
Q: I have always paid my mortgage on time; I’ve never been delinquent in a payment, but it’s getting to be too much. Will my lender consider a short sale and how badly will this affect my...
Thumbnail for - Financing & Market Trends
Apr 1, 2010
Bob Ulery
Q: Are property values going up yet? Have we finally reached the bottom or is it close? A: The direct answer to your question is “it depends on where you live.” Recently-released data from the...
Thumbnail for - New Construction
Apr 1, 2010
Scott Wyckoff
Q: What are some reasons, specifically in this market, that would make you choose new construction? A: There are numerous reasons to choose new construction and right now—in this economy—the...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday April
Apr 1, 2010
phile under: art
LESS Victor Maldonado Froelick Gallery 714 NW Davis Reception April 1 5-8 PM Recently back from showing at EAST/WEST BERLIN, Maldonado has been thinking about border crossings, the immigrant...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Fond-a Wakonda
Mar 31, 2010
“Nooooo!” This was my none-too-clever cry of dismay as the half-gallon jar of beer tumbled over in the back seat of the rental car and began spraying in all directions like an enraged sprinkler. I...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Portland2010 Revisited
Mar 31, 2010
GUEST CULTUREPHILE POST by Portland Monthly intern, Graham Bell Here in Oregon we’ve got truckers in big rigs hauling logs; wisdom-seeking hippies rubbing their crystals together; and the...
Thumbnail for - America the Free
Mar 30, 2010
Well, here’s an idea that’ll keep some of those new America the Beautiful quarters in your pocket. Last week, the National Park Service announced that for National Park Week (April 17 – 25) they’d...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Tulip Fest!
Mar 29, 2010
I love getting out of town. After many years of living car-free, it’s still an extra-special treat to take a drive in the country or go on a road trip – however short a ride it may be. If it’s for...
Listing 9441 - 9450 of 11242 Results