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Listing 9281 - 9290 of 11335 Results
Thumbnail for - June Under Glass
Jun 2, 2010
Beer Bulletin
Perhaps with the proper application of positive thinking, daily affirmations, and prayer, we can get the rain to cease and desist—and get the beer pouring in its place. July is the month that...
Thumbnail for - Wine and Roses – Seriously!
Jun 2, 2010
Things To Do
It’s been a couple of years since my last visit out to Heirloom Old Garden Roses. And there’s no better incentive to get me to do something than to mention that there will be wine so I might...
Thumbnail for - Rain Check
Jun 2, 2010
Weekend Plans
Well, it’s official. We’ve entered into another “Juneuary”, which, of course, is the much less popular (and polar opposite) cousin to the lingering unseasonal weather pattern known as the Indian...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Preview
Jun 1, 2010
Do you like to get dressed up on the weekends and take in a bit of culture? Too bad. The real creative calendar markers know to wear their walking shoes and thick-rimmed fashionista art school...
Thumbnail for - Bend
Jun 1, 2010
Rick Parrott
Q: How are the property values at the Central Oregon resorts doing? A: Although resort property values went down with all property values, they have held up better than values outside of the...
Thumbnail for - Washington County
Jun 1, 2010
Michele Fisher
Q: Last month you talked about brewpubs in the SW Portland area. What are your favorite Beervana locations in the rest of Washington County? A: There are many options when it comes to great beer...
Thumbnail for - Vancouver
Jun 1, 2010
Brenda Christina
Q: Can you lay out what some of the benefits are for living in SW Washington and commuting to Portland? A: Living in SW Washington gives you the best of both worlds. By being a hop, skip, and a...
Thumbnail for - Between Theater and Bar
May 31, 2010
Arts Happenings
This last Sunday and Wednesday, I went to the theater—or, rather, I went to bars that were hosting theater productions. And I learned that these are not the same thing. Bar-hosted theater...
Thumbnail for - Several Great Reasons to Join the HPSO
May 28, 2010
things to do
The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO) is a fantastic local horticultural organization that offers free open gardens to members (you get a book with addresses and dates), lectures, classes,...
Thumbnail for - Picture Puzzle
May 28, 2010
Portland Spaces: Handbook
A small adventure into "salon-style" picture hanging. Think: European museums. Frames both big and small mixed together and displayed from floor to ceiling.
Listing 9281 - 9290 of 11335 Results