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Listing 9181 - 9190 of 10410 Results
Thumbnail for - Thursday at Music Fest Northwest
Sep 17, 2009
There’s a moment in a night out during the week where you must weigh the downside of how tired, hung over, and generally miserable you will be the next day during work with how much more fun you...
Thumbnail for - Turning Japanese
Sep 16, 2009
New Business
Good news for gourmands, adventurous gluttons, and saké sippers: Miho Izakaya, right across the street from the Alibi on N Interstate Avenue, is now open for business. Co-owner and...
Thumbnail for - Review: Jason Charles Rens’ Non-Jewelry at Nationale
Sep 15, 2009
Jewelry may be decorative but it’s also traditionally been a means of both storing and displaying wealth. And it doesn’t have to be the crown jewels. To this day, the subtlest high-end jewelry is a...
Thumbnail for - The Ultimate Plant Sale
Sep 15, 2009
Upcoming Plant Events
It’s been a busy few weeks in Portland’s plant world – there has been an endless round of fundraiser dinners, garden tours, and plant sales. But of them all, the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon...
Thumbnail for - P.S. An Exhibition of Post Cards
Sep 15, 2009
phile under: art
The postcard is one of the most flexible and ubiquitous forms of art. When traveling, the image on the postcard you send says as much about you feel and what you’re doing as the words you wrote...
Thumbnail for - Pat Boas Today on Art Focus
Sep 15, 2009
phile under: art talk
Today on Art Focus at 11:30 AM on KBOO 90.7, host Eva Lake talks with Pat Boas, whose Record Record opened this past Sunday at the Art Gym at Marylhurst University. "Record Record includes four...
Thumbnail for - Patton Oswalt: Big Fan
Sep 14, 2009
phile under: film
Patton Oswalt, appearing after a showing of his new movie Big Fan, summed up Portland well with a story about a guy waiting for the crosswalk while there were no cars and no people around. “It’s...
Thumbnail for - Review: Echo Gap
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: video art
For Echo Gap at Valentine’s this past Wednesday night, artist/curator Modou Dieng corralled a handful and a half of video pieces by Portland-based artists, displaying them primarily on...
Thumbnail for - Future Death Toll
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: art collective
If HEALTH didn’t drill you a new earhole last night at the WORKS, it looks like you have another opportunity for an aggro-aural experience under an art auspices at FalseFront Studio (4518 NE...
Thumbnail for - PNCA at 100 Exhibition at PAM Closing
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: art
There is one more day for you to see PNCA at 100 at the Portland Art Museum. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the exhibition to the persistence of regional art historical memory. It’s...
Listing 9181 - 9190 of 10410 Results