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Thumbnail for - Future Death Toll
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: art collective
If HEALTH didn’t drill you a new earhole last night at the WORKS, it looks like you have another opportunity for an aggro-aural experience under an art auspices at FalseFront Studio (4518 NE...
Thumbnail for - PNCA at 100 Exhibition at PAM Closing
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: art
There is one more day for you to see PNCA at 100 at the Portland Art Museum. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the exhibition to the persistence of regional art historical memory. It’s...
Thumbnail for - Review: The Crumb Trail
Sep 12, 2009
You know what’s grim? German f-ing fairy tales. Those Brothers Grimm were, oh well. Well named I guess. I saw The Crumb Trail last night. The multimedia retelling of Hansel & Gretel was...
Thumbnail for - Review: Oregon Painting Society
Sep 12, 2009
phile under: art band
Oh, Oregon Painting Society. Last night at the WORKS for PICA’s TBA:09 Festival there was Ennio Marricone whistling, Dick Dale guitar, synthy/circuit-bendy electronoise, and artful use of vocoder...
Thumbnail for - Set Out for the South
Sep 11, 2009
Web Exclusive
Portland Monthly editor Rachel Ritchie shares pictures from her getaway adventure into Southeast Oregon.
Thumbnail for - Review: Small Metal Objects
Sep 11, 2009
phile under: TBA
A confession: I’m show folk. I got my degree by jumping out of a trunk in patchwork pants. Well, not LITERALLY. But there’s an awful lot of shuffle-off-to-buffalo in my constitutional makeup, and...
Thumbnail for - Experience the East
Sep 11, 2009
Web Exclusive
Portland Monthly editor Kasey Cordell takes us with her through Eastern Oregon.
Thumbnail for - Going Coastal
Sep 11, 2009
Web Exclusive
Portland Monthly Editor Brian Barker shares his pictures from his tour of Southern Oregon, and up Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Make It Work
Sep 11, 2009
Five designers put their best looks forward
Thumbnail for - Review: Micah Malone’s Sell Out at Worksound
Sep 11, 2009
Large enough to feel architectural, the centerpiece of Micah Malone’s "Sell Out" at Worksound is a a flat-sided oval sculpture with an overhanging lip, tiled in wrinkled mylar. I have to say it...
Listing 8921 - 8930 of 10142 Results