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Thumbnail for - Deal of the Week: DOC Tasting Menu
Mar 11, 2011
Food Find
I want to call this the Deal of the Week, but really it’s the Deal of Every Week: The Tasting Menu at DOC (5519 NE 30th Ave). I just over-indulged in this journey through culinary awesome-ness...
Thumbnail for - Video Preview: In Site Part II
Mar 11, 2011
culture cheat-sheet
Last weekend, Disjecta presented a modern improvised dance performance featuring choreographer Tahni Holt—the first piece in three-part modern dance series In Site. The dance series shares a name...
Thumbnail for - Video Preview: Baiba Skride at Oregon Symphony
Mar 11, 2011
culture cheat-sheet
THE ARTIST: BAIBA SKRIDE THE PIECE: KHACHATURIAN VIOLIN CONCERTO This event occurs Saturday and Monday at the Schnitz. See details. For more about Portland arts events, visit PoMo’s Arts &...
Thumbnail for - Ramen Rave
Mar 10, 2011
Launched just last fall, Boke Bowl has become a wildly popular noodle craze. Find out where the next monthly, “pop-up” restaurant will be.
Thumbnail for - The Big Egg
Mar 10, 2011
Eat Here Now
The Big Egg serves up some meticulously handcrafted breakfast sandwiches with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Thumbnail for - Camera Eye
Mar 10, 2011
If you have an hour to spend, why not spend it at Hand-Eye Curiosity Club and get creative with some fun DIY projects?
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Future History
Mar 10, 2011
The Oregon Historical Society is the only private state historical society in the West and it boasts one of the largest libraries and archives on the Pacific Coast. Despite its impressive...
Thumbnail for - Irish Itinerary
Mar 10, 2011
Holiday Hedonism
Begorrah! St. Patrick’s Day is nigh upon us. As you know, other than New Year’s Eve, there is no holiday that’s so traditionally linked to the conspicuous consumption of alcohol, and as always,...
Thumbnail for - Menomena’s "Fashionable" Video
Mar 10, 2011
I heart videos
In the old marriage of music and fashion, the child would be the music video. Watching Madonna’s Vogue, Bell Bi DeVoe’s Poison and Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love shaped my fashion sensibility...
Thumbnail for - True West
Mar 10, 2011
Kelly Reichardt and Jon Raymond’s new film _Meek's Cutoff_ is loosely based on the true story of Stephen Meek, a guide who led a wagon train on an imagined shortcut through today’s Harney County....
Listing 6881 - 6890 of 10125 Results