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Listing 10171 - 10180 of 10242 Results
Jan 20, 2009
Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who represents Oregon’s 3rd district, rang us this afternoon from the nation’s capital to give us his take on today’s historic inauguration ceremony—the fourth...
Thumbnail for - The View From Out Here
Jan 20, 2009
We are all the better for this day. The emotion in the crowd is fairly indescribable—overwhelming, powerful, even healing. A better writer than I can explain what this day meant to black Americans...
Thumbnail for - The Trek to the Inauguration
Jan 20, 2009
FROM: Nicole Vogel RECEIVED: 4:40 AM our time We started at 6a on what, under normal circumstances, would be a 20-minute trip. We finally decided to go the opposite direction when all incoming...
Thumbnail for - Bono the Ubiquitous
Jan 19, 2009
Well, you can’t see them in this picture, but this is U2 at the Lincoln Memorial rehearsing for We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration that was held Sunday at 11:30 on the steps of the...
Thumbnail for - Golden Tickets!
Jan 19, 2009
Lines are two hours long to pick up the golden tickets! Inauguration Tickets!
Thumbnail for - Obama Arrives at the Smithsonian
Jan 19, 2009
This Shepard Fairey mixed-media collage has just been added to the Smithsonian’s collection. The graphic portrait has been an emblem of Obama’s historic campaign. The artwork is even more powerful...
Thumbnail for - Need a Tic-Tac? Yes We Can!
Jan 19, 2009
We leave the Newseum and off we go to find the Metro stop for the Smithsonian— we have to get ready for the Green Ball! On the way out we are reminded of the folly when I catch a glimpse of the...
Thumbnail for - Obama-tron
Jan 19, 2009
We walk out of the Newseum, a bit numb, and are greeted by cheers. All four inner balconies of the Newseum are full of individuals watching the President-elect on the two-story jumbotron as he...
Thumbnail for - Lincoln 2.0 Ball
Jan 19, 2009
Last night was the inaugural ball at the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, held at the same place as Lincoln’s second inaugural ball. The ability to eat, drink and be merry while strolling...
Thumbnail for - Newseum Gives a Fresh Perspective on History
Jan 19, 2009
Okay, I’ll say it: I’m exhausted from all the inaugural celebrations. I’m sure you’re thinking that you have the smallest violin for me. I’ll try to catch you up. Once we left the Capitol we...
Listing 10171 - 10180 of 10242 Results