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Thumbnail for - Hit Man
May 19, 2009
The only man who can tell you how far Barry Bonds's last homer _really_ went lives here.
Thumbnail for - Teen Spirit
May 19, 2009
Politically savvy twins pen a book and raise an army -- at 19.
Thumbnail for - Feast of Flesh
May 19, 2009
Hot on the leather-free heels of the Southeast vegan mall that opened in November comes… a vegan strip joint? At the former home of the Pirate’s Tavern, a vegan eatery on NW Nicolai Street, the Ren...
Thumbnail for - Vine Dedication
May 19, 2009
Late last September (or thereabouts), not long before the Willamette Valley grape harvest usually begins, local meteorologists delivered some unwelcome news: A deluge was coming, one that would...
Thumbnail for - Rex Rx
May 19, 2009
Six hundred miles seems like a helluva long way to drive to buy a dog. Especially when it’s the uninspiring 600 miles of Interstate 5 between Colfax, California (near Sacramento), and Lake...
Thumbnail for - Mad Season
May 19, 2009
Last March, we sat in packs, glued to the TV, as the Oregon Ducks made a run at the NCAA basketball tournament’s Elite 8. That spunky blur of green and yellow was fun to watch while it lasted, but...
Thumbnail for - Waiting for Gouda
May 19, 2009
What do cheese and Beckett have in common? More than you might think, say performing arts veterans Luan Schooler and Tim Wilson, who opened the artisan food shop Foster & Dobbs two years ago...
Thumbnail for - The Underdog
May 19, 2009
Sean Cruz, candidate for state senate, has been homeless, jobless, and clincially depressed. In other words, he's perfect for public office. And he'd really like your vote.
Thumbnail for - Divine Dish
May 19, 2009
Autumn Comfort Mac: Our fearless food correspondent attends a local recipe contest in search of transcendent mac ’n’ cheese.
Thumbnail for - Chocolate-Buttermilk Layer Cake
May 19, 2009
  Once you pour the hot coffee into the batter, don’t be alarmed by its thinness. “It’s definitely the thinnest cake batter I’ve ever worked with,” McKinney says. As for the frosting, there’s...
Listing 10131 - 10140 of 10395 Results