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Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Terry’s Gift
May 19, 2009
The late Terry Toedtemeier was the Portland Art Museum's curator of photography. Toedtemeier shaped the Portland art scene during his twenty-three years as a curator and nature photographer and by...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Chair Charity
May 19, 2009
Local artists create special chair-inspired works for the Chair Affair
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Red Dress Required
May 19, 2009
On a Saturday night in early May, 2,002 rollicking guests worked out on three raucous dance floors at the 9th annual Red Dress Party. The sold-out event raised $30,000, which will be distributed to...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Green Acres
May 19, 2009
Brenna Bell is a hippie. “That word has so many meanings,” she says. “But if you mean somebody who’s a free-minded person who lives closely with nature and with other people? That’s what I am.”
Thumbnail for - Slabtown Salute
May 19, 2009
Rock the Clubs
Just a quick round of applause for all the bands that played Nuggets Tribute Night at Slabtown last Saturday night. Fans of three-chord garage rock shimmied to the likes of Coco Cobra & the...
Thumbnail for - Hood’s Hero
May 18, 2009
Survival Skillz
If you’ve ever taken a dive down Mount Hood, chances are you’ve already met Steve Rollins, a rescue leader with Portland Mountain Rescue elite, nearly all–volunteer squad of Mount Hood rescuers....
Thumbnail for - No Joy in Mudville
May 14, 2009
The new Beavers stadium is homeless: How about Lents Park? Nah—we need it closer to the city center. OK, knock down Memorial Coliseum? Nope. How about behind the Coliseum? Won’t fit. OK…um…how...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: The Hawthorne Stumble Zone
May 14, 2009
Finally, after weeks of planning, theorizing, and sending out scouting parties (some of whom never returned—a moment of silence, please), the time had come for our very first stumble-zone run, and...
Thumbnail for - Happy Hour of the Week: Vindalho
May 14, 2009
My biggest beef with Portland happy hours has to do with portion-size trickery. To those establishments who offer a half-size happy-hour portion for two dollars off the original price, know this:...
Thumbnail for - Cuss words, cleavage, and other weekend curiosities
May 13, 2009
I’m having a great Wednesday so far. The fluttering butterflies of the Lost season finale in my gut and the surprise stream of the new Wilco album … If, somehow, the Millennium Falcon toy my mom...
Listing 10121 - 10130 of 10304 Results