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Thumbnail for - Mo Monkeys, Mo Problems
Feb 27, 2009
For those of you who didn’t stay up late enough last night to catch "The Daily Show," you missed our very own Earl Blumenauer getting lambasted (in a funny way of course) for his "Monkey...
Thumbnail for - Obama is an Ox and Sam is a Rabbit. Is that why life feels like a zoo?
Feb 26, 2009
Like many people, I’ve soured on bankers’ predictions and politicians’ promises. Too many stupid mistakes have been made by so called experts. When times get tough, the powerful look to alternate...
Thumbnail for - Duchess is King
Feb 26, 2009
If this were a rap album this would be a shout-out. Reader beware… So, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in this space, I’m getting hitched this summer. To that end, along with all the other endless...
Thumbnail for - Requiem for a Dream (about monkeys)
Feb 25, 2009
Lost in all the analyzing of President Obama’s speech last night was another important piece of legislation that passed through the halls of the House of Representatives. It dealt with...
Thumbnail for - Forbes: Oregon Economy = Abyss
Feb 24, 2009
"People still want to live here. We have to make it synergistic to live where you want and still make money." That’s one California transplant’s recent and sort of innocently reductive assessment...
Thumbnail for - The Kingdom of New Seasons
Feb 24, 2009
The ladyfriend and I spend too much money at New Seasons. Considering our locale in the hip-neighborhood-in-waiting (yeah, right!) in North Portland, maybe this isn’t all that surprising. With no...
Thumbnail for - Are they really drinking from the toilets at OHSU?
Feb 24, 2009
Any candidates for Portland’s funniest home videos? How about funniest webprank? My candidate is "OHSU NEWS::, an object lesson in how to speak truth to power. How? LAUGH at...
Thumbnail for - Smoked-Salmon Hash + Editorial Integrity
Feb 22, 2009
We only recently relaunched our website and are working demonically to get caught up, and until the web gurus get a chance to upload the Heathman Restaurant’s recipe for smoked-salmon hash...
Thumbnail for - Be-bop, ballet, and Blondie
Feb 18, 2009
Weekend Watching
Here’s a bit of sort-of-breaking news about the Portland Jazz Festival to kick off your weekend planner with… If you were hoping to catch Grammy decorated singer Cassandra Wilson’s concert on...
Thumbnail for - Perks of Office
Feb 17, 2009
Stuff We Didn't Need to See
Link here. If you must.
Listing 10121 - 10130 of 10224 Results