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Thumbnail for - Facts N Figurines
May 19, 2009
Grey Anne's debut album, Facts n Figurines (Greyday Records), features 11 songs permeated by notions that should resonate with post-collegiate Portlanders: the seesaw between disillusionment and...
Thumbnail for - Arm & Arm
May 19, 2009
Storm Tharp paints portraits—after a fashion. His jarring, surreal depictions of both celebrities and average Joes serve as a window into his own state of mind rather than commentary on his...
Thumbnail for - Cursed Kitchen?
May 19, 2009
In a Victorian on SE Hawthorne Boulevard, the chef of Belly Timber tries to transcend the building's troubled past.
Thumbnail for - Moving Up
May 19, 2009
Editor’s Note
IT IS A TESTAMENT to this city’s status that when I started telling people I was relocating to Portland not one of them said, “You’re moving to Maine?” All due respect to the land of lobsters, but...
Thumbnail for - Letters
May 19, 2009
WEIRD WORLD When we first moved to the Portland area three years ago, we immediately subscribed to Portland Monthly, seeing it as a great resource for learning about the region we now called...
Thumbnail for - Fool Proof
May 19, 2009
Once banned from being sold domestically because it was thought to drive people mad, absinthe makes a comeback in Portland.
Thumbnail for - Ponzi 2007 Whites and Rosés
May 19, 2009
Our Critic's Top Wine Picks
Thumbnail for - Peak Conditions
May 19, 2009
I had my choice of 600 miles of trails that crisscross through the Eagle Cap Wilderness (which makes up the heart of the Wallowas), and I took the steep climb to Aneroid Lake, a spectacular alpine...
Thumbnail for - Smooth Operator
May 19, 2009
A $4 million restaurant debuts on a lonely stretch of the South Waterfront. But is the food as opulent as the décor?
Thumbnail for - Long Way Home
May 19, 2009
Oft-displaced artistic powerhouse Disjecta settles into more permanent digs on the edge of working-class Kenton.
Listing 10071 - 10080 of 10816 Results