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Thumbnail for - Slide Show: A Stitch in Time
Aug 19, 2011
Apparel company Dehen is about to take a high-fashion chance that “Made in Portland” still means something.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: City of Industry
Aug 19, 2011
A photo essay of seven local factories reveals a thriving manufacturing trade.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Crumb Trail
Aug 19, 2011
Our chocolate-chip trip through the city uncovered a wealth of cookie creativity.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Not Exactly Cultivated
Aug 18, 2011
Sometimes, even the most devoted gardener needs to tear herself away from the garden for some inspiration. Gardening is so many great things – artistically challenging, scientifically stimulating,...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Madonna’s Birthday!
Aug 16, 2011
Her royal Madge-sty celebrates her 53rd birthday today. The lovely Leo has been busy reinventing the fashion wheel every two years or so. Behold the slideshow of the good, the bad and the...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Denim Jackets
Aug 15, 2011
In the fickle world of fashion, few things can be counted on to stick around longer than you can say “Hammer Pants.” The good ol’ denim jacket is a welcome exception to that rule. Here are a tricks...
Thumbnail for - Project Runway Recap: E.3
Aug 12, 2011
Let me be the first to declare: I have no idea what is going on this season of Project Runway. Forget the idea of actually designing amazing garments within a budget to show your chops. This has...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Suzabelle’s Fall Collection
Aug 11, 2011
One thing that makes the imminent demise of summer more bearable: the unveiling of Seattle-based designer Suzabelle’s fall lookbooks. And since it seems like Portland is skipping summer altogether...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Party at Neil and Norm’s
Aug 11, 2011
This past Saturday afternoon, I attended a Chef in My Garden event – a benefit for the non-profit Growing Gardens which assists low-income Portland residents in growing their own food. Dinner was...
Thumbnail for - Look for Less: Mila Kunis
Aug 10, 2011
If you missed a little film called Black Swan, maybe you haven’t heard that Mila Kunis is now a big fancy actress. The girl even has money to throw down $7,000 (count those zeros!) on the...
Listing 861 - 870 of 1397 Results