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Image: Kate Bryant

Have you ever tried to open your clippers, only to find the blades hopelessly gummed together? Or, equally bad, have you tried to prune a branch but the clippers just smush it into a fibrous mess instead of cleanly snipping through it?

These common, frustrating experiences are completely preventable with a little annual garden tool care.

Take a peek at these two handy, five-minute videos outlining the best techniques and eco-friendly materials needed to properly look after your trusty gardening tools so they work smoothly every time you pick them up—and last for decades.

In the first video, Isabel LaCourse of Independence Gardens explains how to sharpen shovels and other large digging/weeding tools. The second video has Karen Wolfgang of Independence Gardens demonstrating how to sharpen clippers and loppers.

By the way, you'll see my name at the end of the videos: I was holding the video camera!

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