Nike Studio Wrap  footwear system
Image: Josh Ross

Nike Studio Wrap footwear system, $110

The Swoosh pursues the exploding women’s gym, yoga, and cross-training market with a counterintuitive new product: a multipart “shoe” for activities traditionally done barefoot. A ballet-style flat strips away to reveal a strappy wrap with a lightly treaded bottom. 

The best thing   Ribbons to wrap into additional ankle support or use in those yoga poses when you just ... can’t ... reach. 

Take it out   If you tackle Barre3’s seven-day “Body Blast” program of workouts and low-fat salads.



Activewear bag and torch
Image: Josh Ross

Looptworks nansha bag, $80

This local outfit makes all its wares out of “upcycled” material—i.e., other gear makers’ garbage. This vast, multipocketed tote could haul enough organic vegetables to feed a local family for a week. 

The best thing   Interchangable handles and shoulder straps let it transition from shopping bag to backpack. 

Take it out    To the Beaverton Farmers Market’s summer opener, May 11.   

Snow Peak lapel torch, $60

The Japanese cult camping brand bases its North American HQ in Portland (see sidebar). This handy clip-on flashlight, with a design that evokes a certain computer company’s ’Pods and ’Pads, translates into less risky late-night stumbles from fireside to tent. 

The best thing   A clever magnetic clasp snaps and unsnaps with addictive springiness. Stop fiddling with it—if you can. 

Take it out   For August’s epic, rustic indie-rock campout, Pickathon.