adam sappington

Adam Sappington—former Wildwood chef, current chef and owner at Southeast Portland’s American-inspired restaurant The Country Cat, native Midwesterner, and fervent overall wearer—gives us a quick rundown of the foods and places that inspire him.

1) Where did you enjoy your last great meal, and what was it?

A.O.C. in Los Angeles. We had a series of small plates that were paired perfectly with wine.

2) What is the most underrated ingredient and how do you use it?

Dried herbs and spices. I use them for our fried chicken, sausages, & croutons.

3) Oregon is famous for coffee, beer, and, in your opinion, what else?

Locally sourced premium products like meat, produce, and fish.

4) If you could spend a week in anyone’s kitchen, whose would it be?

Edna Lewis or David Tanis.

5) It’s 2 a.m. and you’re starving. Where do you turn?

Trader Joe’s Margherita Pizza in my freezer with added sliced sausages that are in my fridge.

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