Winners have been selected for Hattie’s Sweet Shop's First Annual Peeps Diorama Contest, and we've got the first look at the sugar-coated cuteness. 

In the Portland-centric category, two winners were selected. The over 17 bracket was scooped by this beauty above, the "2013 Peepland Beard and Peeepstache Championships" by Karen Lange & Laura Gillgan. Check out the Fred and Carrie name tags, the swoon-worthy facial hair, and Peep-ified Crystal Ballroom decor. 

The under-17 Portland-focused winner is "Sunday Peepways" by PDX kids Suzanna and Elliot (and, likely, their parents). Is it still a naked bike ride if they're covered with sugar?

The overall winner in the kid's category is "Peeps Slumber Party" by Veronica, calling back to those halcyon days of disk chairs, "juice" in unmarked bottles, and nail polish spilled on the carpet. You can smell it now, can't you.

The over-17 winner in the general category is Marriage Equality for All Peeps by Anne-Marie & Jim Watts, offering glimpses of same-sugar partnerships of all stripes. 

If these creative displays have you inspired to make your own this Easter, send 'em my way (or tell us about them in the comments)! A little whimsy on your weekend is always a good idea.

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