JULY 4 (or any other date through September) is the perfect time to pair up two good friends: beer and barbecue. Since we live in a place where a recent governor declared July to be Oregon Craft Beer Month and ranch to table is tradition rather than trend, let’s make that really good beer and barbecue. We invited three hometown brewers, who also have some serious culinary chops, to help you match-make. They all prepared a brew-inspired backyard bash with one of their own handpicked summer seasonals. For each menu, we added three of our personal picks, too. Don’t be afraid to set them up with your own favorite grill grub. These beers all share a subtle range of fresh flavors and have a modest alcohol level (6 percent ABV or less), which means they’ll pair well with just about anything. So sit back and watch the sparks fly. Don’t forget to try out the recipes at home. (Download them here.)



PLUS! Our Picks for the Best Local Summer Brews:

Brat-Worthy Beer:
Double Mountain Kölsch
Full Sail LTD No. 3
Heater Allen Pils
Beef-Worthy Beer:
Laurelwood Organic Pale Ale
Lompoc Kick Axe
Oakshire Line Dry Rye Pale Ale
Bird-Worthy Beer:
Bridgeport Summer Squeeze
Burnside Brewing Sweet Heat
Widmer Citra Blonde Summer Brew

AND Web Exclusive Side-dish and Dessert Recipes from Our Brewers!

From Christian Ettinger of Hopworks:
Caesar Salad with Spicy Lager Shrimp
Pineapple Upside-Down Lager Cake
From Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing:
Grilled Romaine Salad
Cheese and Quince Jelly
From Ron Gansberg of Cascade Brewing:
Spicy Melon