We’ve been hit with a beer tsunami at the office and I’m still sifting through all the stouts, pilsners, porters, reds, browns, IPAs, Imperial IPAs, CDAs, IRAs, ESBs, and CSNYs. Hey! These beers ain’t gonna drink themselves! I’ve even been (gasp!) forced to take my work home with me.

But I am well aware of my duties as a blogger, to bring fresh, relevant content to our website. So…

This is my pug-hua-hua (half pug, half chihuahua) Phoebe trying to get the last bit of curry out of a to-go container. She’s so cute! And then she totally got her head stuck and pawed feebly at the container while whimpering piteously. I had to call the fire department and then pay a big fine for wasting their time ’cause the container actually came off before they got there but I was too embarrassed to call them back and cancel the emergency.

How does this relate to beer, booze, and bars? I was drinking a bottle of 10 Barrel Sinistor Black Ale at the time. Part of the CDA movement—Cascadian Dark Ales—it has many of the flavor characteristics of a bigger beer, like a porter, but overall it’s less aggressive and more drinkable. Highly recommended.