25 first thursday

25 Years since art galleries in the “Northwest Industrial Triangle” began staying open later on Thursday evenings

1 first thursday

1 Gallery owner who (according to some accounts) suggested renaming the area “The Pearl District”

4200 first thursday

4,200 residential units added since 2002 in the urban-renewal district that includes The Pearl District

4 first thursday

4 Starbucks opened in the Pearl since First Thursday began

56 first thursday

56 number of galleries and other businesses that now participate in First Thursday

100 first thursday

100 Percentage increase in revenue at Ben & Jerry’s Pearl District location on a summer First Thursday, versus an average day

11 first thursday

11 Years since street-art vendors officially joined First Thursday

1:2 first thursday

1:2 Ratio of accordion players to acrobats spotted at the First Thursday street-art gallery in July