All right, a new year is upon on and with that comes the little frenemy called…Resolutions. As has been the trend since (what feels like) the dawn of time the number one resolution manifests itself as one fitness beast called “Being Healthier.” Also known as: lose weight, gain muscle, eat better, go vegan, go gluten free, go sugar free, join a gym, work out more, train for a marathon, be more active, face your swimsuit without fear, and so on and so on.

Since being healthy is always in fashion (minus that whole heroin chic thing in the 90’s) Shop Talk wants to aid in the steps to making 2012 the year we all strut about the city as bronzed Greek gods. I mean, togas do look pretty cool.

Barre 3 Workout DVD

Local fitness guru (and owner of highly impressive abs) Sadie Lincoln brings her Barre3 to you with a home DVD. The mix of ballet, yoga and pilates will get you on track to a healthier you from the comfort of your own home (and own budget). The 40-Minute Total Body Lift Workout also comes with a barre3 core ball and was named top 10 DVD workout 2011 by Fitness Magazine. To purchase, click here

Lessons from Hipcooks

The absolute best way to control the amount of oil/sugar/salt/etc that goes into your food is to make it yourself. But if your talent in the kitchen relies on picking up the phone and ordering take-out some additional help may be needed. Hipcooks offers group classes (and private lessons) in everything from going gluten free to veggie centric meals. And all lessons come with a wine tasting included. For a schedule of classes, click here

Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer Sports Bra


Ok girls, if you’re trying to break into the running or aerobics game it’s not going to be comfortable unless you’ve taken effort to support "The Girls." This sports bra features removable cups for shape and coverage, hook and eye closures at the back for better fit, adjustable wide straps that can cross or be worn straight for maximum support. Take a look at the high user reviews if you’re not convinced. Oh, and it’s adorable (bonus). To purchase, click here

Blossom Clinic’s Nutrition Special

Thinking of going the natural route with weight loss? Blossom’s New Year special targets your body through nutritional counseling or cleanses to get things going. The 40% off specials apply to January and February and include:

*Nutrition Consult: $96 for a 90 minute appointment and a personalized plan (40% discount). In this session, your practitioner will look at your health history and discuss your goals. If you are interested in beginning a cleanse regime, your practitioner will go over this with you to determine which type would be best for you.

*Acupuncture or Amma for Detoxification and Cleansing: $51 for each 60 minute appointment (40% discount). This is a targeted session to help increase your will power, support all processes of elimination, and assist your body in detoxification. Weekly appointments are encouraged.

*Optional Food Allergy Panel: $126 to test 96 foods. Nothing will slow down the road to health like ingesting foods you’re unknowingly allergic to.

For more info, click here

Lush’s Dreamtime Bath Bar


According to a New York Times article, one of the easiest ways you can help with your weight loss regime is by simply getting more shut eye. In a test with two groups of participants the group who slept more than eight and a half hours lost more fat than those that slept under six.

If hitting the snooze button will help get rid of that stubbon belly fat (also called bikini killer) then we say give it a go. Aid that restful dreamtime with one of Lush’s bath bars with cocoa butter, jasmine, calming lavender and relaxing sandalwood. To puchase, click here