Q. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of moving to the country. What should I consider in making that decision?

A. Moving from the city to the country is a lifestyle decision and from my experience it is a wonderful place to raise a family, have animals, build a shop for your hobbies or just enjoy some peace and quiet. With the recent movement toward growing your own food, you’d be surprised how much you can do on a couple of acres. If properly designed, you can have a cow, chickens, a small orchard and a large vegetable garden on less than 3 acres.

What you need to know when considering a property to purchase includes information about the water well, i.e., does it provide enough water to accomplish your plans for the land and what’s the expected life of the well pump? This can be accomplished by a simple “flow test” which tells you how many gallons per minute the well can produce with the pump that is currently installed. It also tells you if the pump is in good working order or on its last legs. State law requires certain water quality tests that are the responsibility of the seller but you can have additional tests run on water quality if you so desire. Also, you typically have a septic system instead of city sewer. Has the tank been pumped and inspected recently? Is the system in good working order and how do I keep it that way? Here’s a hint: don’t stuff all your garbage down the disposal – start composting! Are the fence lines accurate? You don’t want to move in and then get a call from the neighbor informing you that your fences are encroaching on his land. The best way to resolve that issue is to ask the seller for a survey or for the property corners to be marked at the existing iron rods.

These are several of the issues you want to carefully navigate through when you are buying that special property in the country. I have lived on acreage nearly all my life and have actively sold country property for over 30 years. I’d love to share my expertise with you if you make the decision to venture out and consider this amazing lifestyle. Now I’m off to pick the peas and strawberries in my garden.