Today’s the day, kiddos. Head on over to your local iTunes store and download the Decemberists latest audio-visual treat, "Here Come The Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualized." A colorful post-script to their much-loved last album, "Hazards of Love," the title pretty much sums it up as the muliple-movement record gets the full-on cinematic treatment.

Our copy is still landing on the hard drive, but so far we can tell the movie (helmed by four directors: Peter Sluszka, Julia Pott, Guilherme Marcondes, and Santa Maria) includes shadow puppets, polar bears, cardboard oceans, bleeding flora, giant eyeballs, and leaves. Lots and lots of leaves.

It’s hard to think that a great album could get even better, but hey…we’re a sucker for the random dancing badger or exploding skull.

Here’s a taste: