If you’ve always thought that people who listen to craptastic bands like Nickelback, Aerosmith (post drugs), and Kenny Chesney were stupid…now your insufferable music snobbery finally has a leg to stand on.

Studies (well, one anyway) prove that those people really are lunkheads. To conduct the test, the (ahem) scientist compared the “favorite music” listings on Facebook from students at around 1,300 different colleges and plotted the popularity of the musicians against the average SAT scores of the colleges.

Not so surprisingly, acts like Bob Dylan and Radiohead rated very high, but the winner might surprise you: Everybody’s favorite little folk nerd, Sufjan Stevens, was tops among the brainy set with SAT scores ranging from 1,236 to 1,276. Number two? The Counting Crows. Yeah, according to this study fans of the muppet-haired Adam Duritz are some of the smartest people around (looks around for sharp object to stab self with).

As for local artists, The Shins turn out to have the brainiest fans with SAT scores between 1156 and 1196. Also on the list: Modest Mouse (around 1120) and Death Cab (1116).

Bringing up the back of the bus? Lil Wayne, whose fans’ high-end scores top out at 876. Personally, I blame the codeine-laced cough syrup.

Not sure what this guy’s excuse is: