Q: How are the property values at the Central Oregon resorts doing?

A: Although resort property values went down with all property values, they have held up better than values outside of the resorts. Because of the amenities and being vacation spots for many Oregon families, the resorts have fared better than most. Whether it’s Sun River, Eagle Crest, Brasada Ranch, or Black Butte we are seeing property values rise in the resorts. Much of the distressed property in the resorts has been sold and we are seeing new listings of properties that aren’t distressed. This is a good sign that things are slowly turning around. There are still distressed properties in the resorts to be had but not as many as last year. Living in Eagle Crest has given me a unique view of resort living and property values.

The advantages of living at a resort or having a vacation home there is the strict homeowner associations that watch for property violations so you don’t have to worry about your property values going down due to multiple cars parked in the front yard, junk piling up out front, the grass being two feet high, or the house not being painted in twenty years. You can count on the homes being maintained due to the management of a resort wanting to attract vacationers. The amenities are another great reason to live in a resort. With pools, hot tubs, exercise facilities, and miles of hiking and biking paths there is a seemingly endless list of activities to do. If you like to snow ski they accommodate that too, as many of the resorts are close to our great mountains for winter activity and some even offer ski buses to the mountains.