Best Homebrew Supply Shop: F.H. Steinbart

234 SE 12th Ave; 503-232-8793;
When you’re ready to graduate from mere beer fan to malt-crazed mad scientist, make Steinbart’s your first stop. The oldest homebrew shop in the country, this Southeast Portland supplier offers everything a budding brewer could desire: hops, yeast, bottles, grain mills, brewing pots. The staff, who carry 100 years of combined experience with them, is more than able to trouble-shoot that finicky milk stout recipe of yours, too. And once you’ve nailed it, we’re betting you’re going to want one of Steinbart’s custom-made kegerators to store your results. Just remember to invite us to the release party. —KC

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Best Irish, Scottish, & English Selection: Highland StillHouse


beer highland stillhouse

Highland Stillhouse

201 Second St, Oregon City; 503-723-6789;
Already known for its exceptional whiskey selection, the Highland Stillhouse is no slouch when it comes to Scotland’s other national beverage (ale) either, with 60 varieties here hailing from those windswept moors. Six of the Stillhouse’s 14 taps are dedicated to Irish, English, or Scottish brews, from the standard Guinness to micros like Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA. Surrounded by the dimly lit pub’s green walls and creaky wood booths, you’ll almost forget that you’re not in Scotland. That is, until you head out to the sprawling deck, where you can watch the river tumble down Willamette Falls. —KC

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