Our simple road map to making the most of Oregon’s peak season has it all, whether you’re looking to take flight in the Gorge or wiggle your toes in the sand on the coast.

Pick your level of adventure, and hit the road!

Wear your Flip-Flops: Into short drives, easy strolls, and stress-relieving escapes? There’s no shame in that. Here are 7 relaxing Northwest day trips for sweat-free fun.

Wear Your Sneakers: The recipe for a great day will often involve a balanced blend of walking, pedaling, food, and beer.

Wear Your Hiking Boots: Looking for a healthy dose of adventure? Gather your friends, pack up your gear, and make it count.

Explore Hidden Falls: Cool off with a sojourn to one of these five falling favorites.

Pack a Picnic: This summer, don’t leave home without a bountiful basket of local bites. Shakespeare in the park just got delicious.

Splash in the City: Take your brood for a plunge without leaving Portland. 

Go Car-Free: These transit-powered day trips are proof that you don’t need your own four wheels to have fun in the Northwest.

This article appeared in the August 2014 issue of Portland Monthly Magazine.

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