Brass etched and oxidized cuff bracelet. Year built and geographic coordinates encoded on inside surface. Measures 1 1/2" wide in center and 2 3/8" at ends. Adjustable (fits most wrists; for men and women). Inspiration: Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. $72.00 USD

Spend five minutes in our fair city and you know that the beautiful bridges are more than a gateway from one side of the river to the other, they’re part of our identity. Local jewelry designer Betsy Cross used that muse to create a stunning collection of bridge inspired cuffs for her Betsy & Iya line. The delicate etched and oxidized cuffs are not only reasonably priced in the $70 range, they allow you to sport a tiny part of architecture on your wrist.

Judging by the amount of cuffs popping up on stylish arms around the city, these little gems are off to a running start. To showcase the pieces, the window display at Betsy & Iya’s little shop is a mind-boggling display of tiny paper triangles floating in an impressive bridge shape. Further proving that Betsy & Iya is all about the details, and what keeps us interested.

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Bridge window display designed by Barrie Chan.

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